About GrowUpBoy

GrowUpBoy.com is my attempt to share the things I've learned about dating women as an adult man. 

Let's get this first bit out of the way...  I love, respect, and cherish women.  I have positive, respectful, long-term relationships with many women.  Some of them are family; some of them are friends from school, work, and social circles; a few of them are or have been love interests.  Every woman who enters my life is a blessing.  I would never advocate taking advantage of a woman, especially with regard to her emotional or physical health.  

Matthew Clark

I am all for women's rights, including equal opportunity, equal pay for equal work, and a woman's right to choose her partners.

Fellas, no means no.  Period.  When the candles are lit and Barry White is pumping through your bone marrow, no still means no. 

Sorry if that's not what you were expecting to hear, but that's the bottom line with me.  I don't want to be associated with anyone who legitimizes rape or anything that could be confused with rape - so if that's your thing... don't let the doorknob hit you on your way out. 

My Story

I started out very slow at this, myself.  I had only had sex with one girl when I turned 25.  As I approached 30, I decided not to let the rest of my life slip by.  I started taking notes and doing my homework, and let's just say I got really good at this.  Practice pays, fellas. 

I want to share what I've learned.

I see lots of young guys who, like me at their age, haven't really figured out the finer points of confidence and attraction yet.  I can't walk up to a young man on the street and say, "Hey, I see you're struggling with that girl - let me give you a few pointers and she'll be blowing up your cell phone by tomorrow."  I'd probably get myself punched. 

But I can put it all out here on the internet so that if any man, anywhere, starts to ask questions about why he is struggling with women - he'll have a better chance of finding these answers.  My early twenties were a painful and lonely time for me - I would like to help as many young men as I can. 


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