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What is Scarcity in Dating and Attraction? Well, It Depends…

What is scarcity in dating?

When you ask, “What is scarcity?” – you’re really asking a question about economics. Scarcity is an economic principle that basically says there aren’t enough resources to go around. In economics, the law of scarcity is like gravity – there’s no getting away from it. Scarcity influences everything equally, across the entire planet, for all of history. It’s kind of a big deal. But the real implications for us as young single men are not about global resources. Continue reading

What to Do on a First Date? Choosing a Location

What to do on a first date - and where to do it.

If you’re searching around for advice about what to do on a first date, then you might already be breaking the first cardinal rule of dates, which is “don’t freak out.”  That’s really the only thing that matters.  I’ve seen some pretty lame, pretty bad first dates go down first hand.  You’d be surprised how many of those bad first dates led to a second date, and more.  The only first date that will never lead to second date is the one where you’re visibly nervous, tense, and not having fun.  Continue reading