Funny Text Messages to Make Your Girl Smile

Funny text messages to make your girl smile

OK, so you got her number – that was the hard part.  Now you need to send some funny text messages to make her smile. 

It might sound easy, but lots of guys have trouble coming up with something funny to say in a text message.  I hear from dudes all the time who got a girl’s number but now they can’t figure out what to text her.  It happens a lot – trust me.

Get Her to Say “Yes” Over Text

There’s no time to waste.  As soon as she gave you her number, she started waiting for you to text.  A little waiting is good – but a lot of waiting is bad.

You need to get her out on a date as soon as possible.  And the best way to guarantee that she will say “yes” when you ask her out is to make her smile.

Text her something funny, and make her smile.  Again and again.  Then, when you ask her out – she’s almost certain to say “Yes!”

3 Rules to Make a Girl Smile with Texts

Here are three rules that will help you write funny text messages that make your girl smile.

  1. It has to be about her.  She doesn’t want to hear about your friends, or your game, or your dog.  It might sound conceited, but the only thing she really wants to hear about is herself.
  2. Don’t make fun.  Don’t make fun of her, her friends, her family, or anything else.  It’s too soon for that.  She might take it the wrong way and start to think that you’re a douchebag.  To tell you the truth – the only thing it’s really safe for you to make fun of is yourself!  Joke about yourself and she’ll think you’re funny.  Joke about her friends and she’ll think you’re a jerk.
  3. Use a 2-step text to set yourself up.  The first text is your set up.  The second text is your line.

Follow those rules and you’ll be set.  It’s easy – and now I’m going to give you some examples to show you how it’s done…

How to write funny text messages

How to Write Funny Text Messages

Let’s say that you know this girl from school, and you have a class together.  Here’s how you use a 2-step text to send funny text messages that will make her smile.

You: You looked so good today I couldn’t even pay attention in class…
Girl: Aww that’s sweet
You: I hope the test is about you or else I’m gonna fail!
Girl: 🙂

Here’s how it might go if you don’t know this girl yet and you just met her at the mall.  Another 2-step text example.

You: I’m glad I met you or else that whole trip would have been a waste…
Girl: What? Why?
You: I went to get some good new clothes but the only good thing I found was you!
Girl: 🙂

Here’s another example.  Let’s say you liked this girl for a while but you just got her number.

You: I wish I would have got your number sooner.
Girl: Why did you wait?
You: I thought I’d give the other guys a chance before I grabbed you for myself…
Girl: 🙂

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A Word of Warning – Don’t Waste Any Time and Keep it Clean

As soon as a girl give you her number, she starts waiting for you to text.  Like I said above, a little waiting is good.  But a lot of waiting is bad.  If don’t text her right away, she’ll just think, “I guess he’s just not that into me.”  Or she’ll mention it to her friends and they’ll say, “He’s just not that into you.”

The best way to open the door and get her ready for you to ask her out is to send her some funny text messages that make her smile.  It’s never too soon to start texting her – and it’s perfectly fine to text her later on the same day you get her number.

Some dudes will tell you to wait.  And I agree that there’s some value to making her wait, but now’s not the time for that.  You make her wait later, after you’ve already gone on at least one date with her.

And finally… keep it classy, fellas.  If you just met this girl, it’s probably too soon to start making sexy jokes and comments on the first day.  If she is already talking about sex, then it’s on!  But if she hasn’t brought it up yet – you shouldn’t talk about sex right at the very beginning.  Save that for later.  The time will come soon enough, and she’ll let you know when the time is right. Start off with some funny text messages and you’ll get there in no time.

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