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Instant text back every time

Don’t waste another minute waiting for that girl to text back. If you’re trying to get a girl’s attention, and she’s hot, you can bet that you’re not the only one competing for her attention. Not by a long shot. Her phone is probably full of dudes who are trying to get her attention. Some of them get a text back… and some of them don’t. 

So, how do you get yourself into the select few that do get a text back? Bait her, that’s how.

It might sound unethical, but hey, it’s a jungle out here. As long as your follow-through is on point, you don’t need to worry about being a tad bit deceptive up front. Especially if it gets you into the rotation of dudes who do get a text back.

Breaking Through Her First Barrier – Her Texts

In the early stages of a relationship, just getting a hot girl to respond to you is one of your biggest hurdles. But if you’ve on the wrong end of a one-way text recently, you already know that.

Think of it this way – there might be 10 different guys texting her today. She will only really respond to 2 or 3 of them. She might send a little note to some of the other guys, just to keep them interested and string them along. But there are only a lucky few who really have her attention. After all, it makes her feel good to have several guys competing for her. So, she probably doesn’t want you to go away… at least not all the way away.

But having a hot girl string you along is definitely not a fun thing for a guy to go through. And that’s what I’m going to help you with today. There’s an easy trick you can do that will get you bumped up into the group of guys who gets an instant text back. And it will work whether or not she thinks you’re in the top 2 or 3 guys she has to pick from.

Trick to make her text back right away

How to Get an Instant Text Back

To do this trick, you need to appeal to the most basic aspects of her psyche. Because she’s an attractive woman, there are certain assumptions we can make about her. Of course, every girl’s personality is a little different – so tweak these rules a bit if you’ve got an especially unusual girl on the line. But, generally speaking, we can assume that she has these traits:

  1. Curious – She likes to be “in the know.” She keeps up with several websites, TV shows, and magazines so that she will always be up to date with the latest trends. If there is something people are talking about that she doesn’t know about, she has to find out.
  2. Socially competitive – She needs to feel on top of what is happening in her social circle. She wants to know as soon as anyone hooks up or breaks up. She will not tolerate feeling left out.
  3. Needs validation – Being a hot girl isn’t easy. She sees herself as someone who is valuable, at least in part, because she is desirable. And that means that she needs to consistently be assured that she is still desirable, all the time. She needs to feed her ego. This doesn’t make her an egotistical monster – it just makes her human. To tell you the truth, this tactic might work even better on dudes!

So, with these traits in mind – let’s think about how we can appeal to them to get a girl to text back immediately. The easiest way to do this is to create a cliffhanger. You send a text that appeals to one of these basic traits, but leaves out the most important piece of information. To make your text believable, you need to personalize it to include something that is important to her. Here are some examples:

  • “You won’t believe what your friend just did. OMG!” – This appeals to her social competition and her curiosity. She does not want to be the last one to hear about this… whatever it is.
  • “Hey I just heard – I’m so excited for you!” – This appeals to her need for validation and her curiosity. Something good has happened to her, and she needs to find out what it is.
  • “I owe you a huge apology. I can’t believe what just happened.” – All curiosity here. She’ll assume something bad has happened, and she will need to find out what it is.
  • “You were totally right – I’ll tell you about it later…” – Again, this appeals to her need for validation and her curiosity. She loves being right, as we all do.

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Thanks, But Now What?!?

OK, so it worked. And now she’s calling your phone to find out why you owe her a huge apology. What are you going to tell her???

Who cares? It doesn’t matter. Tell her whatever you want. Make something up or tell her some mundane detail that she already knows about – or just blow it off and change the topic to something else.

What really matters is that she texted you back or called you – right away. That means that in her mind, now you’re in the group of guys who she texts back instantly. And next time you text or call, she’s more likely to get back to you right away. Try to keep it that way.

Obviously you don’t want to overdo it with this trick, or she’ll start ignoring your cliffhangers. But if you need to get her attention for some reason and you’re having trouble breaking through – this trick will get you in every time.

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