How to Attract Girls With a Bounce in Your Step

Did you know that they way you walk can actually have a big impact on how many women find you attractive?  I know this isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about how to attract girls.  In fact, it might seem hard to believe… but it’s true! 

And your giddy-up isn’t the only thing you can manipulate to make women find you more attractive.  There are several aspects of your posture and your body language that are a part of how to attract girls.

Why Posture Matters to Women

Of course, women aren’t sitting around giggling and talking about the way that you walk or how straight you sit.  And that’s what makes this tactic so powerful – this is how to attract girls subliminally.  Under the radar.

That’s right – by manipulating your posture, you can make a woman find you more attractive without her ever knowing that anything has changed.  She might notice that you’re looking better and better – but she won’t be able to put her finger on the reason why.

When you do this, you’re tapping into every woman’s subconscious desire to find a healthy mate.  If a dude stands up tall, sits up straight, and walks with a bounce – he appears to be more healthy.

And it turns out that a healthy guy seems like a better mate.  That’s the whole trick.

How to attract girls with the way you walk

How to Attract Girls with the Way You Walk

Keep in mind, I’m not talking about getting buff.  Some girls like a big buff dude and some don’t.  Some girls think big buff dudes look silly, and some girls think they look scary.  That’s a whole other subject for another post.

The key to what I’m talking about today is to appear healthy and flexible.  For this trick, yoga will get you a lot further than bench pressing.  You might have heard me talk about yoga before in this post. It might be hard to understand at first, but yoga can go a long way toward making you more attractive toward women.

(And, hey, you just might meet some nice ladies at the yoga studio…)

You need to practice walking with a bounce in your step, and appearing flexible when you move.

There is some research to back this up.  A study published in 1988 found that people perceive others to be more powerful and happier when they walk with a youthful gait – no matter how old they actually are.

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Pop Culture Will Steer You Wrong

If you spend a lot of time watching music videos, you’re probably getting this all wrong.

If you look at pop stars, you’ll see them slumped over, limping around, and exhibiting anything but good posture.  They’re acting, of course – that’s what they’re paid to do.  They don’t really walk around like that in their private lives.  They might be attracting lots of girls, but that’s different.

That pop star probably doesn’t know the first thing about how to attract girls.  His fame does all of the work for him.

But you’re not famous.  And if you walk around slumped over like The Beebs, girls will think you’re crazy… not attractive.  You might fool one or two into thinking you’re the next American Idol.  But for the most part, they will subconsciously equate your poor posture with poor genetics.

And you know what that means… no nookie for you!

Matthew Clark

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