How to Attract Girls – 5 Foolproof Techniques

How to attract girls - 5 tips

When you’re trying to learn how to attract girls, there is a lot to learn.  Luckily, there are a few “cheats” that don’t require a lot of research or practice on your part.  These 5 techniques will help make a girl find you interesting, confident, and more attractive. 

These techniques are almost always a good idea when you’re talking to girls, but today we’re going to focus on your first formal encounter.  The first time you meet a girl, before she knows who you are and what you’re all about.

These might seem too simple or straightforward, but it’s important to practice these until they’re like second nature for you.  After you master these, you’ll be ready to start learning some more advanced techniques.

How to Attract Girls with Simple Tricks

How to attract girls (sexy eyes)

#1 – Surprise Her

When our body releases adrenaline, we are susceptible to feelings of passion and arousal.  You can use this to your advantage by approaching a woman while she is excited about something that is happening or has just happened.  It can be as subtle as approaching her right after her workout.  Or it can be as dramatic as approaching her right after she saw a car accident.  Any time adrenaline is in her veins, she’s more likely to find you to be attractive.

#2 – Lower Your Voice

How to attract girls with your voice?  Listen to a few late night DJs on your local jazz station.  That’s what you’re after here.  Don’t overdo it or make it obvious that you’re straining to speak deeply.  Just spend a little time practicing in front of a mirror, and find the lowest tone that you’re comfortable talking in.  When you strike up a conversation with a hot new girl, slip into your low voice and speak as softly and smoothly as you can.  When she thinks back on her conversation with you, she’ll recall you as being confident, dominant, and comforting.

#3 – Amuse Yourself

While you’re talking to her, have fun.  Don’t just pretend to be having fun – ask questions that amuse you and try to be amused with her responses.  If you’re having a good time, chances are good that she’ll be having a good time too.  Don’t put her to sleep with stories about how impressive you are.  Steer the conversation towards happy, uplifting topics and bring her along with you.  We are all attracted to happy people.  So, even if you’re not a very happy person, put on your best happy face when you’re talking to a new girl.  This is probably the easiest ‘How to Attract Girls’ advice you’ll ever find.

#4 – Eliminate All Distractions

You’ve probably heard that ignoring a girl is the best way to get her to notice you.  I’ve found that to be true in some circumstances.  But that only works at certain times.  Ignoring a girl can be a smart thing to do before you have formally met her.  And ignoring a girl can be a smart thing to do if you’ve already been on a few dates but the relationship isn’t progressing physically.  When you meet a girl and have your first formal interaction with her, give her your undivided attention.  Make her feel like your whole world stopped when you met her.  Feeling unique and special is a feeling that she absolutely loves.  If you give it to her now, she’ll come back for more later.

#5 – How to Attract Girls with Confidence

When you’re making your first impression, confidence is the single most important factor in making a girl feel attracted to you.  You can’t come off as being nervous or unsure of yourself.  One great way to project confidence is to move slowly and intentionally.  Never fidget.  You should also breathe slowly and deeply.  And smile.  During your first interaction with any girl, a calm and confident smile should be your default facial expression.  Get in front of a mirror and practice.

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This Simple Trick Will Make Any Woman Feel Attracted to You

When you meet a girl, if you feel like there’s a connection, gaze into her eyes for a prolonged time.  Simply looking into each others eyes for a few moments can make two strangers feel overwhelmingly attracted to each other. You can use this to your advantage, as long as you’re not obvious about it.  A lot of guys who are learning how to attract girls are out there abusing this trick.

By now, many girls are aware that this is a tactic that pickup artists use to manipulate women. So don’t stand there all silent and obvious and try to stare into her eyes while she’s trying to look away. Tell a compelling or personal story and hold her gaze for the critical parts. If she’s interested and she’s looking into your eyes, draw that moment out and make it last as long as possible.

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