Do Muscles Attract Women? The Surprising Facts

Do muscles attract women?

Think muscles attract women?  Are you spending hour after hour in the gym to improve your game with girls?  If so, you might be wasting your time.

Don’t get me wrong, most girls do want a guy to be healthy and in shape.  But for most women, personality is much more important than muscles.

The Reasons Why Guys Think Muscles Attract Women

Why do so many guys think that huge muscles attract women? There are two big reasons for this misconception.

First is men’s magazines.  Men’s magazines show us pictures of dudes who are ripped up with 6 pack abs and tight body definition.  Lots of times, they show us pictures of ripped up guys with hot girls.  So we’re programmed to think that getting ripped up like that will get us more, or hotter, girls.

Second, dudes are reaching.  They don’t know why their game is weak, so they’re just grabbing at straws.  They’ll try anything, and hitting the gym is sort of a default thing to do.  It’s right around the corner and there are girls there already.  Lots of other guys are doing it.  Might as well give it a try, right?

Can big muscles attract women?

Watch This Guy Try to Pick Up Girls with His Abs

Watch this guy strike out again and again by trying to pick up girls with nothing but his abs…

Keep in mind, this guy is walking around on the strip in Vegas.  That’s probably the single best place in the world to find girls who are out looking for a party.  But… no luck.

A couple of girls tell him straight up that personality is more important than abs.  And one girl actually tells him to pull his shirt back down and go back to being funny!

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Things You Can Do that Are Better Than Going to the Gym

I’m not saying you should quit going to the gym.  By all means, keep yourself fit and in shape.

But here are 3 practical things you can do to step up your game, instead of going to the gym.  If you have time to practice game and go to the gym, great.  If you only have time for one or the other, try skipping the gym once or twice a week to work on your game instead.

  1. Work on Your Posture – Believe it or not, yoga is probably better than weightlifting when it comes to attracting girls.
  2. Work on Your Breathing – Meditation, or deep breathing exercises, will help you look and feel confident.
  3. Practice Your Conversation Skills – Try to practice talking to girls at least once a day.  I’m not talking about going to a club.  Practice when it doesn’t matter.  Try to strike up a conversation with the girl in line behind you at the grocery store or the post office.  If you don’t get the opportunity to practice on a given day – practice in front of a mirror instead.

Just like with playing an instrument, mastering a game, or playing a sport – you really do have to practice to get good at this stuff.

If you can commit to practice once a day, you won’t believe how quickly things will start to change.

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