Signs She Wants to Sleep with You – 5 Obvious Signals

Signs she wants to sleep with you

Okay guys, the bad news first: there is a biological tendency in men that makes you overestimate the level of interest a woman has for you. So if you’re looking for signs she wants to sleep with you, you just might see them even if they’re not really there in the first place. 

And there is a biological tendency in women to be suspicious of your advances toward her. And on top of all that, she probably projects a friendly facade that obscures her skepticism – and that facade would be misread by just about anyone.

Bottom line: the chance of misreading a woman’s intention (for both men and other women) is something like 80 percent. So why bother, right? Don’t worry – there are some actual signs she wants to sleep with you. If you get really good at spotting them, they can be really helpful.

Signs She Wants to Sleep with You

Signs she wants to sleep with you - A big toothy smileThere are some signs you can watch for in order to gauge a woman’s interest in you. For example, she might:

  • Smile at you showing all of her teeth
  • Talk to you in a sing-song voice
  • Mimic your stance and movements as you communicate
  • Intentionally make physical contact with you
  • Do the following in this order: make eye contact, look down, play with/touch her hair, then look up at you with her chin tipped down

If a girl really wants to sleep with you, she won’t just do one of these behaviors, she will do several of them.  If you’re watching for them and notice that several of these are happening, there’s a good chance that you’ve got a good chance.

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Are You Really Bad at Spotting Signs?

If you consistently misinterpret signals from girls, don’t feel bad. It turns out that most guys are pretty bad at this. After all, you’re probably really good at throwing a ball or something. But there is hope – even for you.

I know this probably isn’t what you want to hear, but if you want to get good at spotting signs she wants to sleep with you, you need to get in touch with your own emotions. And, lucky for you, there are lots of ways that you can do this.

Practice mindfulness exercises. Google it. One great method is to periodically take breaks throughout your day and write down any emotions that you are feeling, or have felt recently. This is a great way to build your emotional vocabulary and mindfulness. If you do this consistently, you can change how well your brain handles emotional information in as little as two weeks.

So, keep on looking for signs she wants to sleep with you, and start building up your mindfulness to get better at spotting them. And the next time a girl smiles at you and touches her hair – you’ll know just what to do!

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